• Award-Winning Skin Care Tips from Olga Lorencin
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Award-Winning Skin Care Tips from Olga Lorencin

Award-Winning Skin Care Tips from Olga Lorencin

The fashion, the bling, and of course, the flawlessly radiant skin. Awards Season is here in full effect and with it comes a barrage of images of your favorite celebrities looking oh-so-perfect on the Red Carpet. And while the couture may be a tad out of reach for most of us, those glowing complexions are totally attainable. How? Just ask the woman who’s been treating the skin of LA’s Oscar-bound for decades (along with a few of us mere mortals), leading esthetician Olga Lorencin.

With her strong, Eastern European accent, thick, wavy red hair, and her own perfectly illuminated complexion, Olga has a way of capturing the attention of everyone in the room. When she talks about skin care, you want to listen. But when she talks about prepping your skin for an important event, she starts by emphasizing what you should not do. Here’s what she told us.

Do not experiment.

“Now’s not the time to try that daring new hair color, a new facialist or the miracle serum your best friend swears by. Sure, experimenting with beauty can be fun, but let’s not get carried away too close to one of the most photographed events of the year.”

Do not go aggressive with your pre-Oscar facial.

“I love super active treatments, but not within weeks of a Red Carpet event. Strong peels and laser treatments can leave your skin red, or worse, peeling. And deep extractions are difficult to hide, especially in HD. Stick to light peels and deeply hydrating treatments for a fresh-faced, radiant look. When my clients see me at Kinara before an event, they get my Red Carpet Facial treatment (or the Red Carpet Facial in a Box for use at home). It exfoliates while deeply hydrating the skin, and all with zero downtime.”

Do not underestimate the importance of getting your beauty sleep.

“There’s nothing worse than hearing, ‘You look tired.’ It’s basically code for, ‘You’re not looking so great!’ Lack of sleep shows up on your face — well, your eyes really — in the form of puffiness and dark circles. Make sure you’re rested before hitting the Red Carpet and save your late-night fun for the after‑parties.”

Do not overdo it with the sunless tanner.

“The Oscars are in February, so while a subtle hint of color can take you to the next level in a stunning backless gown, too much color looks unnatural and can leave you looking like fake and orange.”

Do not forget to hydrate.

“Dehydrated skin looks dull and leads to discoloration around the eyes. Make sure you’re loading up on water, or glow-inducing green drinks with skin-friendly ingredients like kale, spinach and hemp seeds. Not only are green juices incredibly hydrating, many work as diuretics, limiting bloat.”

Do not rely solely on your dermatological visits.

“While subtle injections can add volume and smooth texture, they do nothing for the luminosity of the skin. Make sure, in addition to visiting your dermatologist, that your skin is polished and hydrated with a deeply nourishing facial from an experienced esthetician.”


  • OLSC Creative Director Amber Klinck
  • celebrityprepping for events