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Dip your fingers into scientific decadence

Professionally formulated cleanical skincare products to transform the skin, each and every product holds potent hand-picked ingredients and ultra-rich textures that deliver accelerated, long-lasting results. After 25 years of working on faces you see on your screen, Olga Lorencin invites you to experience the finer skins in life.

Each product was tried by hundreds of clients, master estheticians and dermatologists. Considering the stature of the clientele, products had to not only meet their expectations, but exceed them - which it did tenfold.

Skin care products that actually work require in-depth knowledge of skin physiology and equal knowledge of ingredients and how they work in synergy. This is why Olga chose to work with some of the best, world renowned formulators, John Garruto as well as Bethany Mc Carver. This two decade long collaboration produced products that you can confidently use knowing that they are of the utmost highest quality and have the safest track record.

Our Mission

Our Mission


What makes us different?


Olga spent over 25 years in a treatment room where she worked on every skin type imaginable. She was responsible for some of the most iconic Hollywood complexions - think Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio… the list goes on!

As founder of Kinara skin clinic, she spent over two decades creating some of the most quintessential treatments and products that actually work. It’s important to note that all of these products came straight out of the treatment room, and not the boardroom. The entire skincare line was clinically tested to demonstrate the efficacy of the products on all skin conditions—particularly against the effects of aging.

Olga’s philosophy is simple - synergy. Harness the power of most advanced ingredients, combine with in-depth knowledge of skin physiology and translate them into products that will visibly transform your skin.

"The secret to acids is synergy - not percentages.
To get transformative results, active ingredients must complement each other."

Results-driven skincare

From age 13, she suffered from chronic acne and was personally driven to find an effective solution. Olga moved to Los Angeles and quickly became one of Beverly Hills most in-demand estheticians. Unsatisfied with standard facial protocols, she began making her own treatments, carefully blending active ingredients—antioxidants, enzymes and, yes, acids. Olga discovered that specific, synergistic acid combinations had the power to transform her congested complexion and achieve real results, seemingly overnight, for her clients.

Today, she applies the same meticulous, results-driven approach to developing each product in her Olga Lorencin skincare collection.

Tested + perfected on thousands of happy faces

Tested + perfected
on thousands of happy faces

Tested + perfected on thousands of happy faces

"Olga is like "wonder woman".
The glow she's able to bring out
in my skin is unparalleled."

Halle Berry

"Since beginning my skin journey with Olga, the health and appearance of my skin has never been better."

Justin Sylvester

"My skin is transformed.
I'm so moved and grateful
for Olga."

Paloma Garcia-Lee