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Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We currently ship to 6 zones:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Mexico
  • United Kingdom

You don’t ship to my country. Is there anywhere I can put in a request for you to start shipping to my location?

Yes! We’re all ears. Please email your request to

Skin Concerns

What are your recommendations for wrinkles/puffiness around the eyes?

Using an eye cream daily is imperative for the prevention of wrinkles and you can expect to see about a 30% reduction in puffiness. Keep in mind that drinking alcohol, eating lots of salt, and not getting enough sleep will make genetic puffiness more pronounced.

How do I target stubborn acne?

These conditions are best treated by an experienced esthetician or dermatologists, but here are a few tips to get you started.

  • A good cleanser (For acne, we recommend Purifying Cleansing Gel)
  • Eliminate all oils and heavy moisturizers
  • Start using retinoic acid at night, and serums with salicylic or glycolic acid.

    Read more about different types of acids and what they’re good for here.

What are good products to use...

...for sensitive skin?

Long answer: Sensitive skin has many different faces. It is best to find out if you are dry, oily, have rosacea, etc. and start there. The best way to treat sensitive skin is by only introducing one product at a time. Over exfoliation or not exfoliating enough, using moisturizers that are too rich, and using essential oils can all lead to sensitive complexions. If you are in doubt of what the true problem is please contact us to schedule a virtual consultation. 

Short answer: Look into all OLSC cleansers + tonersWeightless Moisturizer, and Intense Moisturizer.

...for dark spots, acne scars?

Deep Detox Facial in a Box,Red Carpet Facial in a Box, Retinol, Vitamin C, Topix in the evening, Tone Pads.

...for oily/acne prone skin?

Eliminate essential oil, heavy moisturizers, and any hyaluronic acids. We recommend:Weightless Moisturizer,Rebalancing Toner,Purifying Cleansing Gel, andDeep Detox Facial in a Box.

...for rosacea?

If you have persistent rosacea please see a dermatologist. Make sure you limit caffeine and dairy. Avoid hot showers and steam. Avoid over exfoliation (especially physical scrubs) and essential oils like Tea Tree Oil. We recommend:all OLSC cleansers,all OLSC moisturizers,Ageless Facial in a Box, andThe Eye Cream.

...for hyperpigmentation / melasma?

SUNBLOCK!Yearly Cosmelan Peel (emailinfo@olgalorencinskincare.comto check if we have any available), Topix Evening Tone Pads, Skin Ceutical Vitamin C Serum, and aweekly facial in a box(any of your choice). Avoid sugar.

Product / Application Questions

Is it normal to feel a tingling sensation from our at-home facials?

Yes! Some people might feel a burning sensation, or as we like to call it “spicy”. The chemical reaction between the peel and neutralizer causes something Olga refers to as “steam cleaning of the pores” or “deep cleansing of the pores”.

Are Your Products Vegan?

We cannot guarantee that all of our products are vegan or gluten-free. If you’d like ingredient information, please contact us at info@olgalorencinskincare.comand let us know which product(s) you are inquiring about specifically.

Can I Use Your Products While Pregnant or Nursing?

While most of our products are considered safe, we recommend you check with your physician regarding any products with acids (Red Carpet,Deep Detox,Ageless,Lactic Acid, etc.) that you wish to use during pregnancy or while you are nursing. 

How long does the product last/ how many uses?

Our at-home facials contain 14 applications. All products are good for 1 year after opening.

How do I safely apply your products?

Read the instructions thoroughly and do not throw away the guide that comes with yourFacial in a Box. If you already did, check under each product listing - there’s a “directions” tab.

How many times can I use my at-home facial in a week?

You can useRed Carpet Facial in a Boxonce a week for 14 weeks, or do our Red Carpet Facial Challenge (every day for 14 days straight). You can useDeep Detox Facial in a Boxtwice a week, andAgeless Facial in a Boxonce a week. *Do not overuse your facials. If you want to mix and match, Olga has a ton of content through her InstagramIGTVs. Check them out here.

What products are safe to mix? (ex. Red carpet facial, can you combine it with retinol?)

Most of our products are meant to be cocktailed.Check out our IGTVs for particular products.

Am I using too many serums?

It is possible. Using too many products and layering can cause them to cancel out each other, or your skin will have no ability to absorb that much product. This is why it's worth investing in aconsultationwhere one of our professionals can create a protocol that is perfect for your skin.

Still have more product questions?Connect with a consultant!

Is the SuperHA fragrance free?


Is Heal the Need serum for day or night?

Perfect for both!

Can some with acne prone skin use SuperHA?

Of course!

Can Heal the Need serum be used with retinol?


Can Super HA be used with retinol?


How do you use Super HA with other Olga products?

Layer underneath serums and moisturizers or mix a few drops into your products. We have pre-made bundles that pairs with Super HA.

Has the Ageless Facial been discontinued?

No, coming soon!

Has the formula changed for the weightless moisturizer? If so what is the difference?

Same formula, just new packaging.

Is Super HA an AM or PM serum?

It can be used anytime and on any skin type.

Are the toners sold out or discontinued?

No, they're coming back soon.

What is the difference between the Red Carpet & Deep Detox?

Red Carpet is for all skin types while Deep Detox is mostly for acne and congested skin.

How frequently can you use Deep Detox? Is it like the Red Carpet?

You can use Deep Detox once or twice per week (2-3 days apart), whereas with Red Carpet for the facial challenge you can use it every day.

What products do you carry that are safe for teenagers?

All products, depending on their skintypes.

Does Heal the Need make you breakout?

It can if you are acneic or congested.

Does SuperHA break you out?


If I have acne skin, how often can i use Heal the Need?

Don't use Heal the Need, instead use Lactic Acid, Weightless and Deep Detox.

What acids are used in the at Home- Kits?

Please refer to the respective ingredient lists on the product pages.

What oils are in the moisturizers? If the oil is none, comedogenic?

There is no such thing as non-comedogenic. Any ingredient has the slight chance to break you out.

If I use Pep-revive and Heal the Need will it make me breakout?

It can if you are acneic or congested. Rather use Weightless Moisturizer and Super HA.

What's the difference between the Super HA & Lactic Acid hydrating serum?

Lactic acid is an exfoliant whereas Super HA is not.

For women 50+ which is best serum SuperHA or Lactic Acid?

It depends on the skin but both can work together. We recommend in combonation with Super HA to use our Age Backwards Bundle.

Can you used both SuperHA and Lactic Acid?

Of course!

Should you still used a moisturizer with Super HA?

Depends on your skin type.

What skin type is Super HA right for?

All skin types.

Can I use Super HA morning and night / every day?

Is Super HA okay for sensitive skin or rosesa?

Does your skin need to be damp to use Super HA?

Can I use the Super HA around my eyes?

Orders / Payment Methods

Can I cancel an order or make changes to it after I placed it?

If you have made a mistake in your order, please call us at +1 (310) 657 9188,or email us at suzi@olgalorencinskincare.comand we will gladly make the changes for you!

What payment methods do you offer?

  • AMEX
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Olga Lorencin Skin Care E-Gift Cards (purchased online, e-card sent via email)
  • Afterpay 
  • Affirm 

I have an old Olga Lorencin Skincare Clinic gift card. Will I be able to use it online?

If you have any questions about clinic gift cards, please email Suzi@olgalorencinskincare.comand she’ll let you know if we are able to honor them.

I got charged customs fees on my order. Will you be able to reimburse me?

Olga Lorencin Skincare does not reimburse or pay any custom fees on international orders. 

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