Hollywood’s A-list keeps one name at the top of their beauty shortlist: Olga Lorencin
Hollywood’s A-list keeps one name at the top of their beauty shortlist: Olga Lorencin

Olga Lorencin is undeniably one of the leading authorities in the beauty industry today. As an aesthetician and product developer, she has earned a long list of loyal clients, from A-list celebrities and beauty editors to skincare gurus everywhere. Growing up in Belgrade, Serbia, Olga was fascinated by skincare and cultivated an early interest in formulas to treat her acneic skin. She’s been on a constant quest ever since to create products that deliver transformative results without downtime.

About Olga
About Olga

In 2002, Olga opened LA-based Kinara Skin Care Clinic and Spa. Her highly coveted Red Carpet Facial quickly became a favorite among clients, including Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Jennifer Garner, Kate Hudson and Eva Mendes. Olga’s treatments were the gold standard among industry insiders. She customized masks and peels with chemists long before retinols and glycolics became mainstream. Dubbed "The Acid Queen" for her complexion-perfecting cocktails, she used her treatment room as a testing lab.

Today, Olga’s bespoke formulas are available for at-home use in her top-selling Olga Lorencin Skincare collection, an innovative, results-driven skincare line. Each product is vetted by Hollywood’s favorite faces and formulated to provide immediate results. Consider it a house call in a bottle.

Olga continues to push the boundaries on how ingredients, if masterfully combined, can transform skin. She’s grateful for her childhood skincare challenges, which led to a fulfilling career helping people around the world achieve the skin of their dreams.

About Olga

The secret to acids is synergy - not percentages. To get transformative results, active ingredients must boost each other, not conflict.

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Some of Olga's favorites
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Meet the Acid Queen
There’s a reason her skincare cocktails are legendary in Hollywood—they work. For more than two decades, Olga has transformed celebrity complexions, practically overnight.

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