Award Winning Skin Care Tips from the Woman Behind the Scenes

The fashion, the bling, and of course, the flawlessly radiant skin. The 2017 Awards Season is here in full effect and with it comes a barrage of images of your favorite celebrities looking oh-so-perfect on the Red Carpet. And while the custom couture may be a tad out of reach for most of us, those glowing complexions are totally attainable. How? Just ask the woman who’s been treating the skin of LA’s Oscar-bound for decades (along with a few of us mere mortals), leading esthetician Olga Lorencin.

Skin Hangover
Quick Fix


It’s no secret that alcohol and glowing skin don’t mix. But as a lover of the occasional cocktail or a glass of fine wine, I can empathize with the repercussions an over-indulgent holiday season may have had on your complexion. With that in mind, I’ve put together a few ways to conceal a wild night’s festivities. Read More...