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Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum

Illuminate your skin! Olga's ultimate hydrator shinks and minimizes the appearance of pores in no time. This icon exfoliates all skin types with zero irritation - leaving your skin clear, smooth, and dewy.

"I developed this product for myself 12 years ago and still use it just about every day. It's become a universal favorite among my clients, editors and influencers over the years." - Olga Lorencin

$ 79

the why's

Redefining pro-grade skincare

Olga draws upon 25 years of hands-on experience creating custom skincare formulations for a highly selective clientele. Her products are exceptional—merging professional-grade active ingredients with a luxurious sensorial experience. Transformative results plus silky, weightless textures and subtle, mood-elevating scents.

“Why settle for performance or pleasure when you can have both?” she says.

about olga


There’s a reason her skincare cocktails are legendary in Hollywood—they work. For more than two decades, Olga has transformed thousands of complexions in her treatment room, practically overnight, with her signature acid blends. Her mission: to harness the power of beneficial acids to transform skin.

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The rise of women is not about the fall of men

[...] True power comes when you feel powerful inside. When you know who you are, and when you know where you're going. To all the women who I met on my path, I wish you a happy International Women's Day.

- Olga

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