They Don’t Call It Beauty Sleep for Nothing

We’ve all fell victim to the dreaded, “You look tired,” critique. Sure, those words on their own sound innocent enough, but what they really mean is, “Wow, you look awful,” or, “Hey, those bags under your eyes — not a good look.” Sleep is a beauty essential. And ok, sure, a good concealer and a dusting of bronzer can help cover up the evidence of last night’s festivities. But not giving your skin the rest it needs to repair itself is a bad habit to get into, and one that will leave your complexion paying the price.

Hit the Pillow!

The most powerful anti-aging benefits come when your head hits the pillow. Benefits like cellular regeneration, which doubles while we sleep. Melatonin production also increases, helping to repair discoloration and sun damage. The stress hormone cortisol, however, decreases — added bonus. Your skin knows what to do, and how to repair itself.

But as tempting as it may be to let your skin do all the work, your nighttime regimen does matter. Cleansing your skin before bed is the single most important step in your nighttime routine, and not doing so can result in excessive dryness, inflammation, congestion, dull skin and overall premature aging. This goes for the skin on your face and your body, which is why skin care expert Olga Lorencin recommends showering at night and moisturizing head to toe.

What To Remember

Here are a few more tips from Olga, along with her recommended nighttime protocol.

  • Hydration is key. Your skin loses more moisture at night thanks to trans epidermal water loss. To put it simply, more water evaporates through your skin at night, so make sure you drink glass of water before bed.
  • Your body temperature is higher when you sleep making nighttime the optimum time to layer your anti-aging skin care for maximum product penetration.

Olga’s Recommended Nighttime Protocol

  • Shower to wash off the day and start with a clean slate.
  • Use the appropriate facial toner for your skin and moisturize your entire body.
  • Apply a serum:
    • Oily/Acneic Complexions — Apply a serum containing Vitamin C, AHAs or retinoids.
    • Normal to Dry/Mature Skin — Lightly massage a serum containing hyaluronic acid or a nutrient-rich oil blend.
  • Finish with the appropriate night cream and eye cream for your skin. Olga’s favorites: the Nighttime Skin Quencher and The Eye Cream.
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your décolleté, hands and feet!

Now you’re ready to get some rapid anti-aging benefits while you sleep… sweet dreams!


August 08, 2018 — Olga Lorencin Skin Care Esthetician

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