The difference between Cleansers and Wipes

Wash or wipe? It’s neither nor. Wipes can be used to remove eye makeup but they should never be used as a replacement for your deep PM cleanse. 

Of course makeup wipes can look very convenient when traveling but make sure that you’re using the right one. 

There is a whole other level of wipes called facialettes, it’s created for exact times when you need to clean and hydrate but it's not possible to get to your sink and cleansers. The high-quality ingredients used in this two-step cleanser and moisturizer on the go continues to treat your skin in the same manner as your anti-aging products that you left at home. 

Step 1: The deep cleansing large facialette is great to deeply clean and refresh the grimmest of complexions. 

Step 2: Moisturizer in another wipe- (you might ask moisturizer in a wipe? why not just moisturizer?) Because when you are on the go and you need to clean/hydrate it’s better not to use your hands. It might not be as clean as you’d like them to be. Plus, you can press the moisturizing facialette into the skin which creates more glow and circulation. Also, if you have a lot of makeup around your eyes, use step 2 to remove excess makeup while hydrating the delicate eye area. 

When to use: 

  • Immediately after working out.
  • Travel (Don’t even think about leaving home without it!)
  • Always have a few in your car or purse. 
  • It's perfect for a PM office touch up. 

Unique Benefits:

  • Instant skin recovery and rejuvenation
  • First aid traveling treatment
  • Luxurious treatment anytime, anywhere

What makes it so fabulous? 

  • Pomegranate seed oil

Rejuvenates, improves elasticity, high level of antioxidants

  • Phytomoist

Deeply hydrates, locks moisture into the skin, instantly plumps

  • Sodium Hyluronate

Attracts and holds water in skin, significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Sodium PCA

Binds moisture in skin, prevents moisture loss, reduces inflammation

  • Willow bark extract

Balancing, toning, astringent

June 11, 2020 — Olga Lorencin

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