Skin remedies for sun, surf, and sand

Summer is THE season but sometimes we overindulge in the good stuff and our skin suffers. Here are some at-home remedies you can try to combat the effects of sun, surf and sand.

Olga Lorencin - Sun, Surf, Sand Skin Remedies

At Home Mask
o Combine equal parts Manuka honey & full-fat plain yogurt (no fruit needed)
o Mix and apply a thick layer to your face
o Let sit for 20 minutes and allow for the powerful combination of lactic acid and humectants do their thing
o This will restore your skin’s natural PH balance and add hydration

DIY Exfoliation
o No Scrubs in the summer (ever!) so instead try mixing a teaspoon of lemon juice with egg yolk and massage it onto your face for 2 minutes (brightens and cleans pores)
o The acid in the lemon juice will gently exfoliate & brighten your skin and egg yolks will lock in the moisture
o Rinse and you’re ready

Healing Salve
o In case of a sunburn (naughty, naughty), brew a strong black tea of choice and once cool, blend it with a plain probiotic yogurt
o The tannins in the teas plus the lactic acid in the milk is magic
o Use cotton pads to soak up the mixture and apply it to your burn
o This will immediately relieve pain & itchiness while helping soothe your poor skin

July 23, 2019 — Olga Lorencin

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