• The Benefits of Massage for Men
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The Benefits of Massage for Men

In honor of Fathers Day this month, we’re highlighting the many benefits, necessities and pleasures that massage therapy can contribute to men in particular. Far gone is the old widely-held belief among men that “spa-going” is a thing exclusively enjoyed by women. As we’ve become more physically active as a society and healthy lifestyle choices are the hot topic of conversation these days, male locker room talk has become a mélange of everything from the previous game the night before, to the best juice bar recently discovered, to sharing referrals for their favorite spa in town that get them de-stressed after a long business flight or reduces pain and soreness from an over enthusiastic workout.

We know this because it’s what our brilliant, regular male clientéle tell us is the reason they keep coming back and bringing their friends. They’ve discovered what we therapists know to be true, and what we educate our clients about every chance we get. That being:

Regular therapeutic massage, while being a definite pleasurable experience, is a lifesaver and extender.

This goes for everyone, but, as promised, we’re sticking to the benefits guys in particular reap. So here are a couple of the top reasons to book that massage.

Massage is great for athletic men.

In reference to benefits that athletic men can receive, Livestrong.com says, “From injury prevention to warm up, to cool down, massage therapy can benefit every party of an athlete’s training program … massage can improve overall athletic readiness, reduce pain from recovering injuries of tight areas of muscle, promote proper healing of scar tissue all while providing a soothing effect to injured (and non-injured) areas."

Further supported by the SportsInjuryClinic.net, we are told that, “Massage reduces muscle pain by releasing accumulated waste products."

Massage reduces stress and promote quality sleep.

It has been found in numerous studies that men are more likely to store up their stress and worries, while women are more likely to share them. This can result in sleep disturbances and anxiety surrounding otherwise positive moments in a man’s life, such as spending quality time with his partner or his family after a long day’s work. Sounds like stopping by a spa for a quality massage treatment is just what’s needed to ensure a pleasant evening and a good night’s rest!

Kinara's Custom & Therapeutic Massage 

During a body treatment session at Kinara Spa, our emphasis is always on creating an environment of soothing relaxation so release of the natural pain-killer endorphins can flow. Our skilled therapists use deliberate light to deep strokes to encourage lymph flow and increase circulation that releases congestion, stagnation and tightness and produces a more efficient flow of oxygen-rich blood supply throughout the body.

“This (specialized massage technique) is being used in chronic illness, injury and recovery form surgery to control and relieve pain,” states Body Sense magazine, published by the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals.

All of these scientific points should be enough to convince and soften even the toughest guy’s perception of why he should proudly book a professional body treatment. But no matter what, no one can argue about the sheer pleasure found by offering one’s tired, overworked body in complete surrender into the capable, caring hands of our dedicated Kinara Spa therapists!

Hope to see you soon!

-Kinara Team





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