• Love Stinks: Happy Valentine's Day
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Love Stinks: Happy Valentine's Day

Ok, love doesn’t stink. Well, sometimes it does...but regardless of how I’m feeling romantically, February 14th always brings out a wee bit of angst for me. It’s the pressure really, to have this incredibly romantic day on cue. And it’s all so very public. The restaurants are packed with closely placed tables for two, men stand in long lines purchasing pre-arranged bouquets of red roses, and then of course there are the great public displays of affection—the Valentine’s Day gifts that are delivered to one’s work. God forbid you should have to sit next to a woman swooning over a giant, stuffed teddy bear!

Even with that said, I still can’t give up on the holiday. Whether I’m a creature of habit or a hopeless romantic, there’s no way I could let the day go by without incident. Reservations will be made—though not on the fourteenth, flowers will be purchased—even if I have to buy them myself, and I will consume mass amounts of chocolate—because who am I kidding.


  • Kinara Esthetician
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