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Do You Know Your Skin Type?

You know what color looks best on you, the most flattering way to style your hair; you might even have a “good side” for pics. But when it comes to your skin type, are you sure you’ve got it figured out? We’ve all heard the familiar categories: oily, dry and combination, but are these our only options? Can you be oily but feel dry? Does dry skin break out? Can your skin type change?

In order to better understand your skin, we should probably start talking about pores, and more specifically, the size of yours. The size of your pores greatly affects the type of skin you have. The larger your pores, the oilier your skin. Now here’s where it can get a bit tricky. A person with larger pores and oily skin can absolutely feel dry when their skin is dehydrated. But it’s important to remember that dry skin and dehydrated skin are two very different things.

Let me explain.

While it is possible for your skin type to change due to age, or hormonal fluctuations, it does not change due to external factors. Things such as excessive sun exposure, poor diet and incorrect product usage, however, can easily alter the sensitivity or hydration levels of one’s skin. For example, a person with an oily complexion can dehydrate their skin by using overly harsh products, leaving them feeling tight and dry. Their skin type hasn’t changed, but they have sensitized and dehydrated their skin making it feel dry rather than oily.

A person with a dry complexion can also alter their balance through external factors, most commonly when trying to add moisture to their skin. By applying heavy creams and omitting proper exfoliation, one can easily end up with product buildup leading to congestion, dull skin and breakouts.

So what’s the answer?

First you should have your skin evaluated by a professional and truly determine what type of skin you have. Second, stop trying to change your skin type because you can’t! Great skin is about balance; learn to balance yours.

If your skin is dry, add hydration in ways that won’t weigh it down. Protect it from external factors, such as excessive sun exposure, which will only make it feel drier. Include omega fatty acids in your diet, drink plenty of water and stay away from dehydrating beverages such as coffee and alcohol (or at least keep them to a minimum).

If your skin is oily, keep it balanced with products that are lightweight and hydrating rather than overly harsh and stripping. Exfoliate regularly to avoid buildup and congestion, and watch your dairy intake if you’re prone to hormonal breakouts around your jawline.

More often than not, we’re the ones doing the most damage to our skin. Work with your skin type, not against it, and you’ll be amazed at the glowing complexion you can achieve.

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