• Facials 101: How to Get the Best Care for Your Skin
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Facials 101: How to Get the Best Care for Your Skin

Every summer our clients come back with horror stories about facial experiences they have had while traveling. Most of you assume facials will be just like they are here at Kinara. Our advice is not to have them unless you really know the establishment has a great reputation. In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you navigate.


Kinara Facials: An array of highest quality active ingredients skillfully combined to create customized treatments for each client and their specific skin care needs delivering immediate and long term results every time.

When you can't be here: Ask your esthetician to show you the back bar (the products used in the facial room). If you see a healthy array of products, that is a good sign. Ask what active ingredients they use and why. If they are only using one line of products you most likely will not get the customized facial you want.


Kinara Facials: Every esthetician has a minimum of five-years of experience and most of the time has a medical background. They are trained on every line and product thoroughly so you can relax and know you are in good hands.

When you can't be here: Ask how long the esthetician has been practicing and about their background. Also inquire what their favorite peel procedure is and how comfortable are they with deep extractions. You should expect to be peeled, exfoliated and walk out with little or no irritation. Communicate that clearly so there is no confusion.

Real Results

Kinara Facials: No trends or overly complicated treatments that achieve little to no results. We provide the latest technology with classic European facial techniques. Every step is deliberate and is designed to improve your complexion.

When you can't be here: Ask about each and every treatment and what it will actually do for your skin. Ask for long term benefits as well as immediate. If it sounds far-fetched or bizarre, it probably is and stay away from it (snake venom in moisturizers, etc.)

Custom Treatments

Kinara Facials: Just like our treatments, we custom your skin care regimen by combining different product lines to achieve a lasting transformation. Our estheticians will explain each and every product, how it fits into your regimen and why you need it.

When you can't be here: Ask lots of questions! They should also ask you lots of questions about your skin and your daily regimen. If they don't inquire what products you are currently using or what your goals are, most likely they are just trying to sell you product. Over the years we have really tried to educate you on skin care so put your knowledge to the test. Ask for samples and check with your skin later.

  • Olga Lorencin
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