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When There’s Not Enough Time In The Day…

I don’t know about you, but most of my day is spent multitasking. For better or worse, life is often faster and more demanding than we would like it to be. But with high demand comes innovation, and for me, that means creating products and treatments that multitask as much as I do. You see, today, products must offer results and be versatile. And as far as I'm concerned, so should treatments.

Look at our Dry Skin Toner, for example. Not only does this serum-like, liquid-hydrator soothe parched, dehydrated skin, it’s an excellent option for oilier skin types to use alone as a moisturizer. Traveling but hate the dull, lackluster look of your skin after a long plane ride? Pour a little Dry Skin Toner in a small spray bottle and mist your skin during the flight. Oh, and this little tip is a must for our clients during Awards Season: Instead of using a heavy body lotion and ruining your couture, use the Dry Skin Toner as a non-greasy body moisturizer.

You see, today, products must offer results and be versatile. And as far as I’m concerned, so should treatments.

Now there are two main reasons people come to Kinara — to look better and to feel better. Of course, there are days when you come into the spa and you never want the treatment to end...and we have services for those days. But sometimes, especially when it comes to your skin, you may want to address as many concerns as you can, in a relatively short amount of time. Whether you’re battling a busy schedule, or just eager to see results as quickly as possible, a multitasking facial is an attractive option.

Which leads me to my latest treatment: The Kinara Poreless Facial. This 50-minute treatment addresses excess buildup, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, congestion and breakouts, dull, lackluster complexions and maturing skin. The facial includes an acid-peel exfoliation to brighten and deep clean, a medical-grade microdermabrasion treatment to refine and polish, and our very own secret ingredient: a custom blend of highly-effective serums, delivered to your skin via our advanced oxygenating machine. And, voila! Perfectly refined, illuminated skin in just 50 minutes!

So the next time you feel you’re being pulled in a million directions, schedule a Kinara Poreless Facial and check “Flawless Skin” off your to-do list.


  • Olga Lorencin
  • anti-agingfacials