Antioxidants to the Rescue

We talk a lot about the importance of using topical antioxidants during the summer months, mostly due to the added protection they provide against the damaging effects of the sun. But if you’re looking for some serious anti-aging, clear-complexion, oh-so-radiant-skin benefits, these little free-radical scavengers should be a part of your daily routine, no matter what time year it is.

Think Prevention

Discoloration, premature wrinkles and loss of elasticity — these are just a few side effects from unprotected sun exposure. Give your skin the tools it needs to defend itself against environmental stressors now, rather than relying on corrective treatments later. Just remember: Antioxidants are meant to contribute to, not replace, your sunscreen. Your serum should be layered under your daily SPF for best results.

Get to Know Your Vitamins

Skin care is an investment in your future skin. Make sure you’re investing in products that deliver. Look for high concentrations of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Reveratrol, Lycopene or Extracts of Green Tea, Grape Seed and Coffee Berry.

Vitamin E

With the ability to boost collagen production and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Vitamin E is always a winner. But it comes in two forms, Alpha Tocopheryl and Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate. Opt for Alpha Tocopheryl, it penetrates deeper into the skin.

Vitamin C

Summer skin care is all about protecting your skin from the sun, as well as minimizing congestion from increased sunscreen use and warmer temps. Vitamin C, known for preventing sun damage and unclogging pores, is an excellent summer go-to.

Niacinamide (a.k.a. Vitamin B3) & Resveratrol

As if boosting collagen and preventing free radical damage wasn’t enough, Niacinamide ups the ante by reducing hyperpigmentation. Resveratrol, which also builds collagen and evens tone, has anti-inflammatory and non-surgical micro-lifting perks. Yes, please!

Our Favorite Serums

Not all antioxidant serums are created equal. Here are two we can’t live without.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

The power of Vitamin C and the nourishing benefits of Vitamin E make SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic an ideal serum for those with normal to dry skin.

Weightless Infusion

Olga Lorencin's Weightless Infusion is an oil-free, antioxidant serum formulated with cutting-edge peptides, powerful antioxidants and lightening agents, and can be used on all skin types.


June 21, 2017 — Olga Lorencin

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