• So What's the Deal with LED Light Therapy
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So What's the Deal with LED Light Therapy

For over 40 years, LED Light Therapy has been used as a healing modality for pain relief, inflammation, edema and the overall reduction of soft tissue damage. When it comes to its role in the skin care world, LED therapy is most commonly used for increasing collagen production, wrinkle prevention and the treatment of mild to moderate acne.

A Look at the Science (Bear with Us...) 

The use of light therapy increases the production of ATP (the energy engine of cells) through concentrated beams of colored light that penetrate deep into the skin. But research shows that LED Therapy is only effective if used on a continuous basis. In fact, it is suggested that sporadic use of LED therapy can cause an oxidative, rather than antioxidant effect. What does this mean? Consistency is key when treating your skin with LED Light Therapy.

What Kind of Light Therapy Do I Need? 

Professional LED Panels utilize a combination of blue, amber, light red and deep infrared lights creating a comprehensive treatment for an immediate improvement in circulation, oxygenation, reduced inflammation, minimized appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles, as well as an increased level of product absorption. Long-term results include a boost in collagen production, greater elasticity, and improved cellular function.

Handheld LED devices for home use are singular lights with a concentrated focus. Depending on your individual needs you may opt for an amber light to boost collagen and elastin levels, or an antibacterial blue light for the treatment of acne.


  • Olga Lorencin
  • acneanti-agingcustomized skin carefacials