• How Current Is Your Skin Care? And Why Does It Matter?
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    Olga Lorencin
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How Current Is Your Skin Care? And Why Does It Matter?

We all like and are loyal to certain brands and products. But when was the last time you checked your ingredient list and made sure that the latest science and technology advances are incorporated in your beloved moisturizer? Here is one of my favorites that you should definitely be looking for: Dipeptide-4.


All peptides are proteins and this one has a very specific and important function. Glutathione-like antioxidant activity helps protect against oxidative stress and reduces glycation (sugar damage.) In translation, your skin cells will communicate better when your product has peptides in them. You'll have more collagen and carotene and you'll keep those pesky wrinkles at bay longer. It also does wonders for a photo damaged complexion.

Olga Lorencin Skin Care's Weightless Infusion contains the powerful patented antioxidant Dipeptide-4 to micro-lift skin. This serum is the only product that successfully combines cutting-edge peptides, powerful antioxidants and lightening agents to create a lightweight primer.

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