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Must Have's for Your Skin Care Ingredients

In an earlier post, I mentioned the importance of Di-Peptide 4 in your skin care products. Here is another crucial ingredient that you may have heard which is a must have for your current skin care products: Bio-Fermented Resveratrol.

Bio-Fermented Resveratrol

Bio-fermented resveratrol is basically an extract of fermented grapes. This amazing anti-aging ingredient has anti-inflammatory benefits. This is super important considering that inflammation has been identified as one of the main causes of aging throughout our bodies. Some of the awesome benefits and the reason why you want it is that it will firm and lift your skin by increasing collagen and it will lighten your skin to give it a great natural glow.

Olga Lorencin Skin Care's Weightless Infusion contains bio-fermented resveratrol, as well as the powerful patented antioxidant Dipeptide-4 to micro-lift skin. Follow us to stay up to date about other must have's for your skin care product ingredients.

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