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Spring Clean Your Beauty Counter

Spring cleaning is not just for your old clothes...

Spring is the time we clean out our garages, homes, and closets but lets not forget about our makeup drawers and skin care counters.

I recommend going through all your skin care products and cosmetics at least twice a year. Here in the U.S. we still do not have mandatory expiration dates on cosmetics or skin care products like we do in Europe. In general, I say after nine months you should throw away anything that you have not used or is unopened. Let's face it, you weren't going to use it anyway!

Of course your skin care should always be regimented and you should not be using random products at random times, that will just confuse your skin and cause it to act out. Have a set skin regimen designed by your esthetician, dermatologist or yourself, if you know what your skin likes, and then stick to it. Spring is the perfect time to go through everything, make a pile that works and throw out everything else thats just taking up space. If you have moisturizers that your skin didn't respond well to and they are still good (and not too old), you can always use them as hand or foot cream.

Also, do not forget to clean your make up brushes throughly. Of course clean skin is only great when you don't dirty it with a used brush. The other thing I find very helpful is to write down to clean out your beauty counter every six months.

While this is all great and will help your skin improve, the most important thing is don't forget to spring clean your skin! Our Purifying Cleansing Gel is a great way to thoroughly clean your skin, as is one of our Kinara Custom Facials. Spring clean everything now and you'll be extra ready when summer hits!

  • Olga Lorencin
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