• Stress and Your Skin
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Stress and Your Skin

Stress catches up with all of us. Whether we’re missing out on sleep or compensating with poor dietary choices, stress affects more than just our mood. Here are just a few of the reasons you should take a deep breath, get your Namaste on and just relax!

Stress is Walking all Over Your Face

When the to-do list gets overwhelming taking care of ourselves is usually the first task to go. Too tired to wash your face before bed? Skipping on the eye cream? Feeling too busy for a facial? Your skin needs additional care when your under stress, especially if you have skin concerns such as rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. When the pressure's on, your face is the first place to show it. Take the time to do an at-home mask, book that facial you've been putting off...your skin will thank you for it!

Your Skin is Breaking Out

Stress affects our cortisol levels causing our oil production to increase. The result: Those oh-so-fun hormonal breakouts. Be consistent with your exfoliation to keep excess oil from getting trapped under buildup. Lay off the dairy, and never underestimate the power of a good peel. Olga Lorencin Skin Care's Red Carpet Facial Kit is an excellent option for an emergency skin fix.

You Are What You Eat

Between the additional coffee you’ve been swigging, the bagel you grabbed in a mad dash on your way to work and the sweets you’ve got stashed in your desk, keep in mind the dietary choices you make affect more than just your waistline. The affects of dehydration—dark circles under your eyes, uneven texture and tone—are immediate, but it’s the long-term affects of excess sugar that cause pre-mature aging…yikes! Keep your go-to comfort foods to a minimum, and stay on track with your water intake.

We know you can’t eliminate stress from your life completely, but be good to yourself as much as you can. When all else fails, book a massage and just check out for an hour!

  • Kinara Esthetician
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