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Surviving the Holidays


Whether it’s those extra cocktails or the cookies you swore you wouldn’t eat, the holiday season can be rough on your skin. And while we’d never want you to give up your favorite indulgences—we certainly aren’t giving up ours—it’s important to know how they affect your skin, and what you can do about it.

Sugar and Alcohol

Ah yes, this delightful duo brings oh-so much joy during the holiday season… Unfortunately, they also cause inflammation and dehydration, meaning dark circles around the eyes, dull skin and puffiness. And this is just the short-term damage. The long-term consequence of sugar and alcohol is the free radical damage they do to healthy cells. The deprivation of vital vitamins and nutrients lead to premature aging, which in not a good look for anyone.

So What’s The Solution?

Make sure you’re always drinking water and staying hydrated, that you’re taking extra omegas (fish oils, olive oils, flax, hemp, etc.), and that you’re limiting your intake of sugar and alcohol. Sure, right now it’s the season of baked goods and cocktail parties, but during the rest of the year be mindful of how what you eat affects how you age.

Topically, look to products that restore your skin’s normal hydration levels. Ingredients like peptides and niacinamide improve skin’s elasticity, boost collagen levels, cellular communication and hydration, all while working as a protective barrier against external free radicals. Dipeptide 4 protects against the deterioration of collagen and works towards the prevention of glycation damage (the damage to your cells from sugar).

All of these ingredients can be found in Olga Lorencin Skin Care's Weightless Infusion. Use it morning and night, no matter what your skin type, or the climate you live in. Because it’s lightweight, it can be layered or used alone depending on your specific needs. The combinations are endless, but the results are flawless!

Enjoy your Holiday Season!

–Olga and the Kinara Team

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