Traveling This Holiday: Skin Care Essentials

As you look over your collection of skin care wondering how you’ll fit every precious bottle in your suitcase as you're traveling, think about maximizing each product’s versatility and simplifying your regimen. You’d be surprised how efficient and streamlined both you and your carry on could be. 

Destination: Cold and Dry

You can survive a week or so without your makeup remover if you pack a mild, foaming cleanser such as the Rehydrating Cleanser. Combat harsher weather conditions with a hydrating serum rich in hyaluronic acid. One of my favorites is SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel. If winter sports are your thing, opt for an oil-based serum that won’t freeze on your skin. My go-to is the Reparative Nutrient Serum. Add a drop or two to your daily moisturizer and voilà! You’ve got an impromptu night cream. Dry lips? Your Olga Lorencin Eye Cream can double as a lip treatment. 

Destination: Warm and Tropical

If you’re headed for a little fun-in-the-sun, make sure you’re packing a vitamin C serum for added free radical and sun damage protection. I recommend SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic for normal to dry complexions, and the Phloretin C F for normal to oily. Remember, your moisturizer always goes on after your serum. For warmer, more humid climates, opt for a lightweight, oil-free hydrator, and of course do not omit your sunscreen! It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of January — you need it. I’m a big fan of mineral sun blocks that can be applied with a brush. You can wear them over your makeup and they’re perfect for on-the-go touchups. Here's more on how to choose the right sunscreen.

For Acne Prone Travelers

The most important items to travel with are your cleanser, toner, and some form of salicylic acid to keep breakouts at bay. Keep in mind, if you’re traveling with an active enough toner, you can use it as a purifying mask. Just saturate a piece of gauze and lay it over the skin for 5–10 minutes. Our pick: Rebalancing Toner. If you’re using retinol or strong exfoliating acids, make sure to stop two weeks before your winter vacay or tropical escape to avoid permanent damage due to overexposure. And finally, pack an oil-free moisturizer chalk full of anti-aging ingredients. Weightless Moisturizer has been a must-have for my oily-skin clients looking for added preventative benefits.

The Carry-On Must Haves

For the Jet Setter in all of us, we've put together an essential trio of glowing perfecting must-haves, all sized to pop in your carry-on for easy travel-on-the-go: the Jet Setter Beauty Bundle. Hydrate with the Intense Moisturizer with Peptides for normal-to-dry complexions or the Weightless Moisturizer for normal-to-oily. Illuminate with the Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum. And replenish with The Eye Cream. Bon voyage!

October 14, 2017 — Olga Lorencin

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