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Spring Refresh Bundle

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Time to spring clean your skincare! Refresh congested & oily skin with the Limited Time Spring Refresh Bundle!

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This bundle is meant to go straight to the source of your congestion, and start sloughing off your dead skin so it can make way for illuminated, hydrated skin. Wash away the day and unclog your pores with our highly effective cleansing gel that will leave your skin feeling purified and refreshed. Mix this with Deep Detox Facial in a box that contains 1% salicylic , Weightless Moisturizer, and the revolutionary SuperHA Serum and you’ll be left with a clear, hydrated, and refreshed complexion.


  • Wash away dirt without over drying and irritating your skin
  • Exfoliates and decongests
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores
  • Controls oil
  • Hydrates without clogging


Always massage drop or two of SUPER HA into your wrinkles or acne scars twice per day, after you complete your skin care routine and prior to applying make up.

Super HA can be also used over your make up to refresh and rehydrate!


  • Deep Detox Facial in a Box
  • Weightless Moisturizer
  • Purifying Cleansing Gel
  • Super HA


Congested & Oily Skin Types



  • Use Deep Detox Facial 2x per week. If you do not have sensitive skin you can use Deep Detox 3x per week (2 days apart).
  • Apply Super HA Serum immediately after taking off the Deep Detox mask. Massage a few drops of Super HA at a time until your skin feels moist and plump.

Daily: AM - After cleansing with Purifying Cleansing Gel, apply Super HA and follow up with Weightless Moisturizer. If you're using Vitamin C, mix it with Super HA or layer Super HA on top.

PM - Mix Super HA and Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum. If you're using Retinol, stop for 2 weeks while you're doing this protocol unless your skin is really thick and congested.

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