Using a quality cleanser and toner is the foundation of a successful skin care regimen. They should be active enough to deeply cleanse without stripping the skin of essential oils, yet gentle enough to soothe and calm irritation. Formulated with the highest quality botanicals and natural extracts, each one of Olga Lorencin's cleansers and toners is designed to be interchangeable, for a versatility that caters to the unique needs of your skin.
Regardless of your skin type, proper hydration is an essential step towards a radiant complexion. Olga Lorencin’s moisturizers are designed to create balance, restore moisture levels and calm irritated complexions utilizing a blend of luxurious textures and weightless formulations.
With a high concentration of cosmeceutical ingredients, serums possess the greatest level of efficacy, providing the most transformational results. Like superfood for your skin, Olga Lorencin’s serums are formulated with a precise blend of nutrient-rich ingredients and anti-aging humectants for the most skin-illuminating benefits.
Bundle your skin care essentials for the highest level of transformational results at an unbelievable value. Each expertly-tailored collection is designed to improve the health and functionality of the skin, utilizing the most effective combination of products to achieve the most illuminated complexion possible.