“Facials are everything” - Olga Lorencin 

Virtual Facials

It's time to step up your at-home facial game! You can now schedule a virtual facial that's customized for you and your skin concerns. After an initial video consultation, your esthetician puts together and sends a custom facial kit of professional grade products and ingredients straight to your door. When the kit arrives, we give you another video call to walk you through the full facial process. Get ready for some serious spring glow!

Price: $200

Text 424.343.3363 to book

Note: Includes products for 2 at-home customized treatments. Final walk-through will take approx. 30 minutes.

Olga Lorencin Facials

Custom, bespoke, one-of-a-kind, exclusive, individual. Whatever word you want to use, the result is the same—a totally tailored treatment just for you and your skin. For the issues you’re facing at the moment and more long term. All of our facials will change each time you come in, because what your skin needs today may not be what it needs next time.

It all starts with the very best in diagnosis. As Olga says “the whole skincare situation is only about one thing, how you diagnose someone’s skin.” From there, your experience will include combinations of cleansers, massage, specialized services—and most importantly, peels.

Peels are the most notable part of Olga Lorencin Facials. From super-mild and hydrating to deeper, skin resurfacing combinations, we cocktail customized peels to treat your unique concerns. As you’ll see from the menu below, our clinic is on the cutting edge of skincare and nothing speaks louder than personalized results.

80-minute treatments may include deep tissue contouring massage, microdermabrasion, LED lights or any other modality depending on your skin needs and your preference. Please discuss with your esthetician. 

First Time Visit

Diagnosis and customization are key when you first come to visit us. This visit is a deep dive into your individual skin care concerns and personalized treatment plan, along with a customized premium facial. This appointment allows your esthetician to proactively diagnose, treat and recommend exactly what your skin needs, resulting in your best skin ever.

We need to understand what products you’re currently using so please bring them (or a list of them) to your appointment. You will receive 10% off products in-clinic during your first visit to setup a home regimen professionally curated by your esthetician.

Our master estheticians have years of experience working with effective ingredients and protocols that have been proven to improve multiple skin concerns. Creating the correct skin care routine requires knowledge and understanding of specific ingredients and how they impact the skin. The products you use at home will both enhance the results of our treatments and get your skin to its healthiest state. 

80 minutes: $280

Note: Your first time visit is an 80 minute treatment, which includes a thorough skin analysis and custom premium facial (reg. $350).

Red Carpet Facial

Often imitated but never replicated, the one and only Red Carpet Facial was first designed by Olga Lorencin 12 years ago for the Oscars nominees. Designed for instant glow, the signature facial produces immediate dewy skin with staying power and no downtime. The proprietary peel formula combines Lactic and Amino Acids, creating a smart exfoliation system that “steam cleans” the pores, while the proprietary Red Carpet Professional Mask injects a healthy dose of minerals and deep hydration. 

50 minutes: $250
80 minutes: $350

    Ageless Facial

    This comprehensive transformational treatment combines luxury with advanced technology to provide visible hydrating, volumizing and plumping results. It merges high concentrations of anti-aging ingredients with the latest technology of microcurrent available. The proprietary peel and mask combines mild exfoliating acids like succinic, lactic, phytic and malic acids to turn over skin cells in a gentle yet thorough way, while phytomoist - derived from Chinese silver eye mushroom - adds powerful hydration. Mild exfoliation, tremendous amounts of hydration and a specially targeted microcurrent treatment will leave your skin looking glowing and rejuvenated. 


    50 minutes: $250
    80 minutes: $350

    Deep Detox Facial

    This facial is perfect for stressed, overworked or acne prone skin. We’ll take a deep dive into your pores to flush out congestion and pollution with Salicylic and Mandelic Acid. Our proprietary formula is designed to deeply exfoliate with zero downtime revealing fresh, reborn and ready-to-go skin.

    50 minutes: $200
    80 minutes: $250

    Teen Facial

    Inspired by Olga’s daughter Mila, this 50-minute treatment was created specifically for teenage skin and focuses on clearing up common teen skin care concerns like acne and congestion. We believe it’s important for even our youngest clients to be educated on proper skin care, which is why your esthetician will guide you through every step of the treatment and explain the basics of skin care and how to avoid the most common issues that come with hormonal changes. At the end of the treatment, your esthetician will provide recommendations for how to best continue caring for teen skin at home.

    50 minutes: $200

    Heal The Need: Super Hydrating Facial

    This treatment is the perfect remedy for seasonal dryness. It's designed to remedy the effects of airline travel, dry climates, cold and windy weather, high altitude, dehydrating indoor heating etc.. We create a hydrating cushion by layering ceramides, 7 different Hyaluronic acids, Phytomoist and Fermented Lysate into a proprietary blend. Skin emerges deeply hydrated and renewed and ready to take on the winter! This facial is best paired with Nighttime SkinQuencher Moisturizer which is included to take home.

    50 minutes: $300

    Ultimate Contouring Facial Massage

    This facial massage pairs microcurrent with fascia release techniques which results in relieving tight and painful facial tension, creating glowing skin with a natural face lift. Those who suffer from tight facial muscles (caused by TMJ, clenching or teeth grinding) are unknowingly speeding up the aging process and effecting the aesthetics of their face. Additional Benefits are increased ATP production and reduced inflammation. Benefits are felt and seen after just one visit. This treatment is part of a larger anti-aging regimen that will ensure long-lasting benefits and should be partnered with regular facials.

    50 minutes: $200

    Note: For more intense results, pair this with 30 minutes of intense Microcurrent: $300 for 80 mins

    50-Layer Facial

    Layers of efficacious ingredients, selected just for your skin type. Instead of premixing them, we allow each ingredient to penetrate into your skin layering one after another—ultimately allowing Olga to see how each ingredient transforms the skin (as she goes) helping her decide what's next. This is the absolute ultimate customized facial. "Each facial uses anywhere from 20-100 ingredients which are mixed together before application." This facial eliminates that process, delivering ingredients directly to your face", says Olga. Ingredients are layered and delivered slowly and with purpose. Layers are comprised of product, single ingredients and technological treatments such as microdermabrasion or Neurotris depending on individual skin needs. The philosophy behind this facial is "Eliminate and Restore". Meaning eliminate via exfoliation and restore via antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hydrators which we obtain from the very best sources.

    This facial is an opportunity to have your skin, skincare concerns and protocols analyzed and worked on by the ultimate diagnostic pro who will transform your skin and educate you for the future. The facial also include our Ultimate Contouring Facial Massage to eliminate stress in your face and shoulders. This massage is performed by a different Master Esthetician. This is not your mother's facial.

    2 hours and 15 minutes: $1000

    The Perfect Dermapeel

    This mid-depth peel will transform your skin into younger, healthier looking skin in just one week! It is recommended for all skin types and is pain free. This peel combines TCA, Retinoic Acid, Phenol, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and is the only mid-depth peel on the market featuring the Master Antioxidant Glutathion which is capable of preventing damage from free radicals, peroxides, lipid peroxides, and heavy metals. A follow-up treatment is recommended 10 days post peel.

    Note: We recommend 2-3 treatments per year to sustain the desired results and for regular maintenance and rejuvenation.

    30 minutes: $450 

    Custom Protocol Consultations

    Get skin care protocol advice from the comfort of your home. Our master estheticians are available for remote consultation via video call to help you setup or update your home skin care protocol. During the consultation, your esthetician will guide you through ingredients, products and how-to’s that are customized to fit your skin care needs. Call or text +1 310.657.9188 to schedule your consultation.

    Consultation sessions are up to 30 minutes.
    Consultation with Olga: Inquire for pricing. 

    Specialized Services

    The below specialized services are the most high-tech and sophisticated treatments on the market. One or more of them may be incorporated into your personalized facial.


    Medical grade microdermabrasion is a procedure that exfoliates superficial dead skin cells. Unlike peels, it uses a stream of fine crystals to exfoliate then gently vacuum it away. This is a non-invasive procedure that improves overall skin texture and tone, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, improves shallow acne marks, brightens complexion, reduces the appearance of dark spots and cleans out the pores. This procedure is safe for all skin types and colors. Our microdermabrasion treatment is set apart by a customized highly hydrating mask that combines 7 different hyaluronic acids and phytomoist. Finishing the treatment this way gives the skin plumpness, dewiness and glow. This treatment is highly recommended during pregnancy when chemical peels are not a viable option. Everyone can benefit from this treatment monthly, however, we recommend starting with a series of weekly treatments for 6-8 weeks for best results.

    30 minutes: $170
    50 minutes: $250

    Note: We recommend a series of 6 treatments for congested, compromised and uneven skin.

    Non-Surgical Face Lift (Neurotris)

    The Neurotris face sculpting treatments have been called the non-surgical face lift due to its instant visible results. This non-invasive treatment rehabilitates facial muscles, texture, tone of the skin and significantly diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. Neurotris microcurrent technology restores skin cells back to their normal frequencies so that the skin is able to regulate itself, resulting in restored overall youthful appearance with regular use. Other benefits include lymphatic circulation (elimination of fluid waste in the body), stimulated increased blood circulation, reduces inflammation and oxygenates soft tissue. This treatment is also recommended for Botox users as it’s important to re-stimulate the frozen muscles and to keep the forehead lifted. We recommend a series of 6-12 treatments initially for best results, and then once monthly.

    50 minutes: $250


    Hydrafacial, also known as hydra-dermabrasion, is a patented technology that cleanses, extracts and hydrates. It uses gentle vortex suction to cleanse and exfoliate while at the same time infusing the skin with hydrating serums. This unique system combines advanced technology with chemical peels, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and peptides in a relaxing treatment that leaves skin nourished, brightened, plumped and glowing. Hydrafacial is also great for reduction of wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. We pair this treatment with customized post-treatment masks designed for individual skin types. We highly recommend this treatment to individuals who are sensitive to traditional facials.

    30 minutes: $170
    50 minutes: $250

    LED Light

    LED panels utilize blue, amber, light red, and deep infrared lights. We use these to create a comprehensive and customized treatment. LEDs increase product absorption. Long-term results include a boost in collagen production, greater elasticity, and improved cellular function. Immediate improvement can be seen in circulation, oxygenation, reduced inflammation and minimized appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles

    30 minutes: $50

    Note: For best results we recommend a series of 10 visits for $400 (use within 2 months)

    Facial Treatment Series

    Progressive treatments for those seeking true transformation. These weekly, bi-weekly or monthly treatments are designed to target and solve your areas of concern. Treatments can be mixed and matched.

     6 treatments: 10% off
    • 12 treatments: 20% off
    • 18 treatments: 30% off

    Treatments with Olga: Inquire for Pricing