LightStim for acne

$ 140

An FDA approved, easy-to-use hand held device that calms and heals existing blemishes and reduces future breakouts. Blue and red wavelengths work together to destroy acne causing bacteria and reduce inflammation to restore your skin’s healthy appearance.  Great for all skin types including rosacea. 

Skin Type

Acne-Prone skin 


Acne, Blackheads, Cystic Acne, Whiteheads 


Helps calm and heal existing blemishes and reduces future breakouts by eliminating acne-causing bacteria.

Spotlight On

36-LED Light Device, 9-Volt Power Cord, Goggles, And Guide.

Pro Tip

Use at first sign of a break out to reduce redness and healing time 


Place the light gently touching your skin and hold in place for 3 minutes. Move the light to the next area and repeat. 

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