Introducing Microblading with Hitomi Fujiwara

Microblading expert Hitomi Fujiwara is a certified, semi-permanent make-up artist. Founder of the Fuji Cosmetic Ink studio in Redondo Beach, California, Hitomi is a graduate PhiBrows Academy in LA, the world-renowned leader in microblading, and trained extensively in permanent make-up in Tokyo, Japan.

The PhiBrows Microblading technique that Hitomi uses is unlike any other microblading method. The high-precision instruments allow for very precise hair strokes, perfect symmetry and beautiful lines. PhiBrows artists are required to pass a rigorous 6-month, 11-level mastery training course. This is why finished eyebrows using the PhiBrows technique look so natural. The PhiBrows pigmentation is the safest pigmentation product in the world.

Hitomi first became interested in microblading because of a scar she wanted to hide on her forehead. Her own personal experience allows her to better understand and address clients’ concerns.




Microblading is an innovative method of enhancing eyebrows. It is semi-permanent makeup that is done by hand using a very fine blade to gently deposit pigment into the epidermis. Unlike tattooing, the microblading color is closer to the surface so the strokes appear crisp and more natural. The results from microblading are natural looking, hair-like strokes that will enhance the look of your eyebrows.

PhiBrows Microblading

Microblading - First Visit
Microblading + Shading - First Visit
Touch Up - before 8 weeks
Touch Up - 2–6 months
Touch Up - 6–12 months
Touch Up - 12–18 months
Touch Up - Shading (add-on)



Tattoo/Permanent Makeup Removal - PhiRemoval

PhiRemoval is a technique for tattoo and permanent makeup removal that is non-color selective (applies to all tattoo colors), efficient, less scarring, and significantly less expensive. Only one treatment is usually needed for permanent makeup removal; however, 2-6 treatments are needed for body tattoo removal with minimal scarring risk. The time required for the treatment depends upon the removal area. The treated area initially experiences redness which gradually diminishes, leaving the skin perfectly normal. PhiRemoval is effective for removing body tattoos, permanent makeup, and microblading.


1st visit - $600
2nd visit - $250
3rd visit - $250
4th visit - $100