About the Founder

Celebrity secret weapon and skin care devotee, Olga Lorencin continues to pursue her passion — the hands-on work of transforming skin. Olga came by her breakthrough formulas from years of skin diagnosis. Her goal was to achieve an entirely new level of service and results for her devoted clientele, including the famous, infamous and others who simply demand the best from their skin and skin care experiences.

Twenty-plus years spent pore-to-pore in the treatment room revealed precisely what really works without overworking the skin. Equal hours spent studying ingredients. The magic is not merely found in what’s in the product but how it is combined.

Olga’s passion comes from guiding clients in the true secret to great skin: proper everyday care. She unites the dermal tradition of her Yugoslavian lineage with the L.A. imperative for cutting-edge treatments. Her prescription is neither injections nor trendy ingredients, but active, skin-respecting ingredients in the right proportions.

Her trademark is immediate, undeniable results with long-term benefits.

Her Philosophy

"I don’t believe in bad skin, only the wrong skin care." —Olga