Maintenance Facial Treatments

Kinara's Maintenance Facial Treatments

Not all facials are created equal.

Utilizing a powerful combination of the highest-grade cosmeceutical ingredients and technically advanced treatments, each Maintenance Facial Treatment is designed to deliver the most transformational results for your most radiant skin possible.

Created by leading skin care expert, Olga Lorencin, our facial treatments continue to surpass industry standards, making visible results attainable with zero downtime.

Red Carpet Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 180

Originally designed for those who need a glowing complexion on demand, Olga Lorencin’s famous signature Red Carpet Facial is perfect for special occasions, or monthly maintenance. The secret is in the proprietary formula, which combines lactic and amino acids, creating a uniquely intelligent exfoliation system that literally steam cleans the pores, dissolving impurities and evening skin tone. Regular treatments help to prevent breakouts, refine wrinkles, and increase firmness and elasticity. The finishing touch is a warmed application of Olga Lorencin’s regenerating Red Carpet Professional Mask, which injects a healthy dose of minerals, lysate, squalene and sodium hyluronate in a chrono-energetic action that increases cell renewal.

Olga Lorencin’s Custom Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 150

Olga Lorencin’s Custom Facial is the foundation of all our skin care treatments. Whether you have super-sensitive or acne-prone skin, our estheticians tailor each treatment to your individual needs. Everything used in our facials is custom blended especially for your skin type, and while not every treatment is appropriate for everyone, our expert technicians will guide you on the way to your perfect skin.

Includes: Skin Analysis, Exfoliation (by enzymes, acids or manual), Deep Pore Cleansing, Custom Blended Mask, Relaxing and Muscle-Stimulating Face, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Custom Blended Moisturizer and an Antioxidant Treatment for Hands.

Deep Detox Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 200

Our proprietary blend of salicylic, mandelic and phytic acids will take a deep dive into your pores to unclog, detoxify and refine your skin. Thorough extractions along with an antioxidant hydrating mask with ougon oil, active charcoal and phytomoist will ensure a clean, healthy and renewed complexion. This treatment will be customized to your needs and may include Microdermabrasion Treatment, LED Light Therapy and a combination of additional peels. Green tea ampule and customized serums complete the treatment.

Microdermabrasion Treatment: Medical-Grade
Fifty Minutes
$ 235

Smooth away dull, uneven tone and texture with zero down time. Microdermabrasion reduces the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. Clients experiencing this less-invasive alternative to open dermabrasion begin to see results after a minimum of 6–10 treatments. This number of consecutive treatments is necessary to achieve a complete turnover of the skin. Treatments in the initial package must be no more than two weeks apart to achieve proper results. Once the initial package is completed, a maintenance power peel treatment should be done every 2–3 months.

Includes: Microderm Treatment for Face and Neck, Custom Blended Antioxidant Mask, Liquid Nitrogen Application and a Custom Blended Moisturizer.

Fifty Minutes
$ 235

This unique blend of non-laser, skin-resurfacing technology and customized hydrating and antioxidant-rich serums, provide a non-invasive procedure that offers immediate results. Experience what active exfoliation and deeply penetrating hydration can do to improve the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Purge your skin of impurities while correcting damage — all with zero down time. Individualized for all skin types, everyone can look forward to healthy, radiant skin! For optimum results we recommend a series of six, once a week, followed by monthly maintenance treatments. Purchase a series of six and receive 20% off. Series expires one year after date of purchase.

Non-Surgical Facelift
$ 300
Fifty Minutes

Utilizing the most innovative age-reversing technology, this treatment utilizes state-of-the-art, micro-current therapy to painlessly and effortlessly smooth out wrinkles while sculpting and lifting sagging, inactive muscles. We recommend this treatment for anyone nearing or over forty years of age, or anyone who uses Botox or any other neurological blocker. It has been proven that prolonged use of neurological blockers can cause muscles to atrophy. Micro-current facials are an essential tool in reviving immobilized muscles in order to restore a youthful appearance, and very effective for treating sagging neck muscles (included in treatment).

Series of Six Treatments (buy five and sixth treatment is complimentary)

Series of 12 Treatments (buy 11 and 12th treatment is complimentary)

Men’s Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 145

Designed with him in mind, our Men’s Facial includes all the care of Olga Lorencin’s Custom Facial, while incorporating more enzymes and deeper pore cleansing to address the specific needs of male skin. We also pay special attention to problems resulting from shaving (i.e., razor bumps, etc.).

Teen Facial
$ 145
Fifty Minutes

Keep that baby face perfectly fresh and clear with a custom facial designed especially for young adults. In addition to the benefits of the treatment, our estheticians will inform young clients on the importance of continuing a healthy skin care regimen at home.

Back Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 170

Whether you’re prepping for a special event or looking for monthly maintenance, Olga Lorencin’s Back Facial is your smooth-skin-solution for your hardest to reach area. Beginning with a thorough cleanse, skin is then prepped for a deeply refining alpha hydroxy acid peel. After the peel in neutralized with a warm, effervescent solution, extractions are performed, ridding your skin of impurities. Next, a soothing Aloe Seaweed and Zinc Sulfur mask is painted onto the skin to both calm and hydrate. Finally, an application of Olga Lorencin’s oil-free Weightless Moisturizer is massaged into the skin for a flawless finish — perfection!