Facial Treatments for Acneic or Oily Skin

Olga Lorencin’s Facials for Acneic or Oily Skin

Powerful care to promote healthy skin.

When treating oily and acne-prone complexions, balance is everything. Deep exfoliation and thorough extractions purify the pores, while soothing elements calm redness and aid in the healing of blemishes. Active but not harsh, Olga Lorencin’s Facial Treatments for Acneic or Oily Skin refine and detoxify for flawlessly healthy skin.

Red Carpet Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 180

Originally designed for those who need a glowing complexion on demand, Olga Lorencin’s famous signature Red Carpet Facial is perfect for special occasions, or monthly maintenance. The secret is in the proprietary formula, which combines lactic and amino acids, creating a uniquely intelligent exfoliation system that literally steam cleans the pores, dissolving impurities and evening skin tone. Regular treatments help to prevent breakouts, refine wrinkles and increase firmness and elasticity. The finishing touch is a warmed application of Olga Lorencin’s regenerating Red Carpet Professional Mask, which injects a healthy dose of minerals, lysate, squalene and sodium hyluronate in a chrono-energetic action that increases cell renewal.

Deep Detox Facial
Fifty Minutes
$ 200

Our proprietary blend of salicylic, mandelic and phytic acids will take a deep dive into your pores to unclog, detoxify and refine your skin. Thorough extractions along with an antioxidant hydrating mask with ougon oil, active charcoal and phytomoist will ensure a clean, healthy and renewed complexion. This treatment will be customized to your needs and may include Microdermabrasion Treatment, LED Light Therapy and a combination of additional peels. Green tea ampule and customized serums complete the treatment.

Microdermabrasion Treatment: Medical-Grade
Fifty Minutes
$ 235

Smooth away dull, uneven tone and texture with zero down time. Microdermabrasion reduces the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Clients experiencing this less-invasive alternative to open dermabrasion begin to see results after a minimum of six to ten treatments. This number of consecutive treatments is necessary to achieve a complete turnover of the skin. Treatments in the initial package must be no more than two weeks apart to achieve proper results. Once the initial package is completed, a maintenance power peel treatment should be done every 2–3 months.

Includes: Microderm Treatment for Face and Neck, Custom Blended Antioxidant Mask, Liquid Nitrogen Application and a Custom Blended Moisturizer.

Poreless Facial
Fifty Minutes

Deep clean and brighten with this revolutionary, pore-refining treatment. Skin is exfoliated with a deeply penetrating acid peel, then refined and polished using medical-grade microdermabrasion. The look of enlarged pores is reduced, while skin is replenished with a custom blend of highly effective serums, unique to Olga Lorencin Skin Care, delivered to your skin via our advanced oxygenating machine. The ultimate multi-tasking facial, this treatment addresses excess buildup, breakouts and congestion, oversized pores, uneven skin tone and lackluster complexions.