Facial Treatment Series

Kinara's Facial Treatment Series

Progressive treatments for true transformation.

For those looking for true transformation, Olga Lorencin’s Facial Treatment Series involve an in-depth analysis of your skin by one of our Master Estheticians, followed by progressive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly treatments designed to target your areas of concern.

Skin Care Boot Camp
Twelve Treatments —  Fifty Minutes Each
$ 2,100

Whether you’re preparing for a special event, or just looking to truly transform your skin, Olga Lorencin’s Skin Care Boot Camp is for you. This intensive, custom-tailored program includes twelve treatments, as well as a private skin care and nutritional consultation with Olga Lorencin and your personal esthetician. Treatments may include a combination of microdermabrasion, deep detox treatments and hydrating facials. Boot Camp expires after six months.

Schedule of Treatments:

  • Weeks 1–4: Every Week
  • Weeks 5–12: Every Other Week

Mini Skin Care Boot Camp
Six Bi-Weekly Treatments — Fifty Minutes Each
$ 1,050

This custom-tailored program is perfect for acne clients who want to speed up skin recovery time. During these three months, your esthetician and you will partner in giving your skin the best results in terms of clarity, texture, pigment disorders, acne breakouts and overall skin health. Package expires after three months.

Non-Surgical Facelift
$ 300
Fifty Minutes

Utilizing the most innovative age-reversing technology, this treatment utilizes state-of-the-art, micro-current therapy to painlessly and effortlessly smooth out wrinkles while sculpting and lifting sagging, inactive muscles. We recommend this treatment for anyone nearing or over forty years of age, or anyone who uses Botox or any other neurological blocker. It has been proven that prolonged use of neurological blockers can cause muscles to atrophy. Micro-current facials are an essential tool in reviving immobilized muscles in order to restore a youthful appearance, and very effective for treating sagging neck muscles (included in treatment).

Series of Six Treatments (buy five and sixth treatment is complimentary)

Series of 12 Treatments (buy 11 and 12th treatment is complimentary)