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Vibrant Complexion Bundle

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Your new favorite day and night bundle has arrived! Live every day like you're on cloud nine with our newest power-duo, Weightless Moisturizer & Super HA.

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Our skin constantly fluctuates in hydration, hormonal and nutrient levels. Have you recently noticed some changes in your skin? Whether it be dryness, more lines than usual, a duller skin tone, an oily T-zone, more redness or irritation, simply have a cocktail! Well, not that kind of cocktail. A few drops of Super HA mixed in with Weightless Moisturizer is all you need to fast track your skin to its best version yet!

Adding or layering Super HA to your favorite moisturizer will leave your complexion bouncier, firmer, and deeply hydrated. You will notice:

  • Fine and deep lines less become prominent.
  • Less redness, and sensitivities and a more even skin tone.
  • A Vibrant complexion.

And an added bonus, as if it's not already enough, often times you will need less Botox due to Olga's master blend. With double amount of peptides, 5 different strains of hyaluronic acid and all the right antioxidants, your skin will enter a whole new level of confidence and glow.


Always massage drop or two of SUPER HA into your wrinkles or acne scars twice per day, after you complete your skin care routine and prior to applying make up.

Super HA can be also used over your make up to refresh and rehydrate!


Weightless Moisturizer Super HA


Normal to oily skin


Mix 4-5 drops of Super HA into your moisturizer in both the AM and PM. Massage into your skin. It can be used over Lactic acid or Heal the Need, depending on your skin's needs.

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