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Iconic Exfoliation Bundle

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An iconic exfoliation system in combination with 5 strains of hyaluronic acids, peptides, and 12 potent rejuvenating oils that transforms your skin to its core. Dullness, poor texture and dryness are simply eliminated paving the way to deeply hydrated bright and illuminated skin. The most powerful yet effortless beauty system.

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Straight out of the treatment room - The Red Carpet peel system unclogs and polishes the skin eliminating all dead skin that accumulates on the surface making your skin appear dull and uneven. Super HA, with its 5 supercharged hyaluronic acids and tremella mushroom, provides the deepest hydration of any hyaluronic acid on the market. This serum fills your skin water reservoirs, improves skin texture and reverses the appearance of all signs of aging. Heal the Need locks in moisture regulating skin water loss while making skin bouncier and firmer. Your skin deepest concerns are met with this powerful trio!


Red Carpet Facial in a Box Heal the Need SuperHA


All skin types except acne prone skin


Exfoliate with Red Carpet Facial in a Box once per week or more depending on your skin type. You can try the one- or two-week Red Carpet challenge for skin that is thicker or currently on inactive skin care products.

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