Age Backwards Bundle

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This combo is iconic. It’s responsible for numerous flawless complexions that Olga has personally worked on. But no one is a better example of flawless skin than our favorite, Halle Berry.

For ultra clear and flawless skin with minimum effort but maximum results. This bundle is perfect for all skin types and helps to shrink pores while making you glow like none other. Skin will radiate luminosity from the inside out, of course we are just born with it.


Red carpet resets your skin and purges from all past skin indiscretions - say goodbye to dead skin and dullness. Lactic Acid keeps that renewed skin in optimal state while refining pores and texture. Weightless Moisturizer slows down all skin sins from uneven tone to unwanted lines and wrinkles without causing any congestion. Heal the Need is added when you need deeper hydration and rejuvenation.


Use Red Carpet weekly, follow up with Lactic Acid and add a few drops of Heal the Need. Massage in. Add more Heal the Need if you are dry or omit completely if you are more on the oily side.

Use Weightless Moisturizer daily by itself or over Lactic Acid or Heal the Need. When your skin feels especially dry or dull mix equal amounts of Lactic Acid and Heal the Need and massage into your skin. This is one of the fastest and best ways for deep skin reformation.


- Red Carpet Facial in a Box

- Weightless Moisturizer

- Lactic Acid Serum

- Heal the Need Serum


For all skin types